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How It Works

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    We will arrange a face to face meeting at a location and time convenient for you to find out more about your business, the challenges you are facing, your aspirations for your business and where you feel you need support.

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    Support Plan Recommendation

    We will send you a summary of our meeting, detailing the work you would like us to undertake and a recommended support plan to suit your business needs, this can be added to or amended at any time. We will also outline the price you will pay which will be tailored to suit your business.

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    Sign the Contract and Agreement

    A Services Contract and A Non-Disclosure Confidentiality Agreement will be signed which protects the interests of both parties. We operate our service with the highest level of professionalism and confidentiality.

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    Hand over the work

    The work commences! Your work comes to us by whichever means was agreed at the start.

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    We get it done!

    All work is done with 100% accuracy as specified and within agreed timescales.