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You never know where a hello is going to lead!

Did you know that a lot of the well-known worldwide successful companies were not founded on their own? It was the joining of minds and discussing ideas that brought us some of the most famous companies in the world. Many of which we couldn’t imagine life without. Steve Jobs cofounded Apple when he was 21 after dropping out of college. Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak launched the company from his family’s suburban California garage in 1976 and by the age of 23, he was a millionaire. Larry Page met Sergey Brin at Stanford’s PhD program in 1995 BUT they…

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What have Abraham Lincoln, Jay Z and Jim Carrey got in common? They never gave up on their dreams. Neither should we?

I am a great believer in the power of positive thinking and that you get out what you put into life BUT now and then life throws you a curve ball that knocks you off your feet – how do we find it in us to keep going? And is the key to success to keep going and have faith in your dream no matter what comes in your way? In an interview with Forbes, Jay Z, a now world renowned rapper, record producer and entrepreneur recalled: “You know in the beginning we went to every single record label and…

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How all those years of dating could actually be the making of you in business!

Do you remember your first date with your husband, partner or maybe a past boyfriend?  I must confess, I have read the odd “dating” book or two!  Well you may not realise it but all those things you did on those all important first dates could actually mean you’re an entrepreneur in the making and you already know how to attract clients!  Ok don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to “date” all your clients, that is a completely different career!  But, all the principles you used on those successful first dates are exactly what you need to put into…

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When to stop studying and start doing or is there another option?

It occurred to me recently how much I love studying! I’ve lost count of the amount of courses I’ve done over the years! But did this delay me jumping into the world of running my own business? Although doing an exam or waiting for a mark on coursework can be very stressful, it does feel somewhat “safe” as we are already conditioned to this way of life from our school days but the thought of running your own business and promoting “brand you” can be a little scary! What if someone says they don’t want to work with you? What…

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Introducing Nicola of Virtually U!


For my first blog post, I thought it would be nice to introduce myself! My name is Nicola Ratcliff and I am your friendly Virtual Assistant. Virtually U was created in March 2014 and launched in September 2014. For the past 10 years I have been working in various PA corporate roles in the City of London. I have always enjoyed my work and seeing the people I work for benefit from my support, particularly when they have won new business. I also have a creative streak and studied Fine Art and History of Art at University. I believe my…

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